Some Improvements Android phones needs… 

Since the release of first android phone (G1), it was eminent that android was going to take a big chunk of mobile phone market. The growth of android phone in the past 3 years has proliferated. With the emerging new technologies and hardware improvements, the hardware specifications and software updates for android has made the phones and tablets much more faster and user friendly. However, android mobile devices (phones and tablets) still lacks to provide stable performance, and the user experience up to the level of complete contentment. Three main areas where android phones fails to provide satisfactory user experience is music, battery life and user interface.

With my personal experience, till now i have never come across any android phones that provide the same audio quality and music user experience like iPhone does. Isn’t three years enough time to figure out how to level up with the iPhone music? Is it the hardware? or, is it just the software? The closest android phone that strives to level up with iPhone’s sound quality is Samsung Vibrant. My experience with HTC android phones tells me that “if you want your phone to be a great music player as well then HTC phones are not for you”. One of the most irritating and user experience degrading thing about android phones is that when listening to music and multitasking the music is sometimes stopped or the song stutters. I have owned G1, behold II, mytouch, myTouch4G, and Samsung Vibrant and I have experienced this issue on all the phones. However, I have never had that experience with iPhone. No matter how many applications you run on iPhone and listen to the music at the same time, the music never stutters or stops, even if the other applications running are huge memory hogger. The sound quality is also just amazing. Why can android phones not accomplish that? If it is impossible to do so, then how is iPhone providing that experience? One of the main reason people today buy smart phones is for listening to music when resting, jogging, surfing net, driving, or playing games. So, android phone manufacturers must keep this in mind and strive to make improvement in providing better music experience. I don’t know about others but i hate it when my music stutters when surfing the net at the same time or playing games or when i am jogging.

It is impossible to believe the battery life that android phones offers. Android users have to constantly keep watch for the GPS, applications running in the background, the brightness of the screen, ringer volume, and wifi status to save the battery. Even with constant monitoring, sometimes the battery doesn’t last for a day. Really? Is that all android phones can offer? Android phones today comes with dual core processors and RAM enough to run Windows XP fluidly on it. Why can’t they provide better battery? The battery life is so poor in android phones that if you surf the net  for some time, play some games, make a few calls, and listen to music then it barely lasts for four hours. If you do the same with iPhone then the battery lasts almost the double amount of time. The big questions is, “what is the purpose of all the great hardware with great specifications on the phone, if you cannot provide enough battery life to support the use of it for better user experience?”. Whenever I surf the internet or play games in my Vibrant, I constantly have to check for my battery life to make sure I can make it last for a day. I actually carry a replacement battery with me all the time. The same goes for myTouch4G. I think it is even worst in the case of myTouch4G. This issue has to be addressed by phone manufacturers and they should provide better battery for their devices.

Why can’t the user interface of android phones level up with the fluidity of user interface of iPhone? Even, windows phone 7 provides better fluid interface than android phones. Is 1Ghz processor and 512MB of RAM not enough for android phones to create a user interface that does not lag or force close? The worst of all is, sometimes the phone needs to be restarted to get the user interface working fluidly again. Also, the cache has to be cleared from time to time to get things done smoothly? Why can’t the OS manage the cache? Today the user interface offered by android phones have a lot of improvement but i think its about time to remove all the lags and force closes from user interface.

Lets start with G1. When it was introduced, it was the only phone in the market that challenged iPhone. But, the performance of G1 was no where close to the performance of iPhone with similar hardware specification. Granted that at the time, android was in fairly new, emerging and flourishing stage. But still today, with significant hardware and software improvements, android mobile devices fail to provide the performance and the user experience that is desired. Big companies like HTC, Samsung, LG, and Sony have introduced many new android phones and strive to provide better performance and user experience. Android phones today like HTC Sensation, Samsung Galaxy S lines, LG G2x, and myTouch4G outmatch the hardware specification of iPhone4, but yet again iPhone4 performs better and provides better user experience. Why is that? Is iOS so superior that android phones cannot level up to them at all? Today’s android phone manufacturers should keep these issues in mind and strive to provide phones that will outmatch the user experience that iPhone offers. Also if you check out the forums for iPhone and android phones, you can see that android phone has a bunch of hardware and software related issues but iPhone has only few and most of the issues in iPhones forum are about using the phone effectively.